Welcome to Cardiac Community

Cardiac community is an online support group for people living with cardiovascular related illnesses. It’s main goal is  to create a platform for people living with cardiovascular illness  to communicate , interact, share ideas, experiences and also provide emotional support to one another and also create awareness to the public about cardiovascular health. You don’t have to be alone facing this challenge, and no one can understand you better than one facing the same problem as you. Make new relationship and friendship and also fight anxiety, depression and loneliness. So connect on Cardiac community…

Purpose of Cardiac Community

* Connect patients together to help, inspire each other.

* Create awareness and education of cardiovascular health and diseases.

* To shed light on patients with cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria, their struggles, challenges in order to Foster and encourage better health care for them.

The Logo

Meet The Founder

Hello, I’m Ayotunde Omitogun, living with a rare and chronic illness called pulmonary hypertension. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago.
I also have a congenital heart defect, atrial septal defect (ASD) which led to the aforementioned illness.
The challenges of living with a rare chronic illness in Nigeria are enormous; the poor state of our health care system; the hassles encountered sourcing for medications and others. Loneliness and depression has been one of my biggest challenges. This feeling of loneliness is overwhelming, I’m among family and loved ones and yet feel so absent and alone. My pains and symptoms are mostly invisible and rarely understood by others.
Also, our society doesn’t encourage us to talk about our pains and diseases , we are quickly reminded about others going through worse fate or sufferings; advised to keep quiet and instead cry to God, believe and hope for a miracle.
We suffer in silence, and are left at the mercy of our religious inclination, when our health system fails us.
But we don’t have to cower and suffer in silence, our illness isn’t the end of us, we are warriors and our stories and experiences can make a huge difference in helping and inspiring others.
I can’t wait to connect with you, share stories and experiences and make new friends.