One of the major challenge of living with a rare chronic illness, is the fact that majority of people are unaware of your illness and it leads to many misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding the illness. I keep explaining pulmonary hypertension all the time, and its also mostly confused with hypertension.
People living with pulmonary hypertension in Nigeria, have a very low survival rate. Due to the fact its so unknown, most patients are misdiagnosed and those who get diagnosed don’t have and get enough information about this illness, and they also don’t get access to the right treatment.
Information, proper knowledge and the right treatment for pulmonary hypertension are lacking in Nigeria.

I felt so different (actually like a freak), alone and in the dark when i was diagnosed. I was so confused, had no clue what to do, or who to talk to and ask for help. I felt hopeless.

Nigerians should not be oblivious to pulmonary hypertension. It might be a rare illness, but it exists here.

Pulmonary hypertension patients in Nigeria want to live in a society that is conscious and aware of their illness and struggles.

We deserve the right and proper health care to manage pulmonary hypertension, which has no known cure, but we still want and deserve to live a decent life despite our illness.

We don’t want to live in isolation and feel so abnormally different from others.
So it’s essential to create proper awareness and knowledge about this illness.
The blue lips challenge was initiated to engage people in the awareness of pulmonary hypertension.
Please you can help make a huge difference for pulmonary hypertension patients. Let’s start by raising awareness on this rare and unknown illness in Nigeria by participating in the #bluelipchallenge.

Participate by posting a picture of yourself wearing blue lipstick on social media using hashtag #bluelipchallenge #phawareness #phnigeria.

Please share this post and don’t forget to challenge others.


Blue lips challenge

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