Hello! Welcome to my blog

Nigeria is one hell of a place to live in. The unavoidable struggles and challenges we face daily in this country are abundant. Then imagine living with a chronic illness in a Nigeria, a country with such deplorable living conditions.

I’m super happy and excited to welcome you to my blog. 

I have been too lily-livered to get it started for some time now, but finally I’ve decided to put on my big girl’s panties and stop procrastinating.

I’m living with a rare chronic illness called pulmonary hypertension, was diagnosed about five years ago. Living with a chronic illness isn’t fun at all and living in Nigeria makes it more frustrating, no thanks to our appalling health sector.

I battled depression for a while and I discovered that writing about my ordeal was therapeutic for me. This is what initiated the blog. I get to rant and vent my frustrations, and I believe my stories can be useful and help others going through similar challenges. I’m also hoping this blog would help raise awareness on pulmonary hypertension, which is rare and unknown in Nigeria.

I have a great sense of humor and it’s been the one thing that has kept me sane through my illness. So expect to see a lot of that in my posts and don’t be offended if I express some severe situations lightly

Join me in this journey where I share my thoughts, experiences, ideas and stories I’ve acquired and still acquiring from living with a chronic illness in Nigeria. I hope I get to inspire, motivate, enlighten and entertain you with my posts and I will appreciate your feed backs. Comments and suggestions are highly welcome.



Hello! Welcome to my blog

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